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icy's world of written pictures

because words are the pictures I can't draw

21 September
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This is Icy's writing journal <3 She doesn't have a personal journal, though, sorry. XD This is where Icy publishes her works.

Icy used to write for Kingdom Hearts (she might return, she's considering), currently for Axis Powers Hetalia, and recently Sengoku Basara, She writes for mainly the pair USUK in Hetalia, but she still writes mostly about the FACE family. Has a high preference for Gakuen!AU, wherever fandom she goes to. For Sengoku Basara, she only writes IeMitsun, and she's rather new. She has more fandoms than those mentioned, but she only writes for the ones mentioned above.

Icy knows her fics aren't too good, but Icy knows that's what she likes, and nothing matters much besides that.

Icy appreciates all kinds of comments on her writing! Critics, too, as long as you do it nicely. Icy likes nice people, and will be nice to nice people!

You can find her in FanFiction.net, and deviantART!

Thank you for stopping by here at Icy's writing journal!